“Absolutely the most thorough and pleasant vet visit I’ve ever had! The wonderful experience started on the phone with the receptionist trying her best to get my sick doggy in same day. She was very helpful and patient as she entered in all my information (we were new customers). When we arrived for our appointment, we were taken right back to the exam room where we met with an amazingly knowledgeable and compassionate vet technician. At first, I thought we wouldn’t even meet with the doctor, as the tech was spending so much time with us. However, we did meet with the doctor and both the doctor and tech worked together as a team in caring for my dog. It was wonderful to see the two working side by side and addressing all of our concerns. They spent so much time with us explaining and assessing that I started to feel bad for taking up so much of their time! They never once rushed through anything and I am grateful to all the staff, as they have truly excelled at providing excellent and pet/owner centered care.”
– Angela

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know of any other place where the patients are EXCITED to go. The minute we get on the bridge Artoo knows exactly where we are going and cannot sit still because she is SO EXCITED! She just loves everyone there including the office cat; they are fur-buddies!”
– Emily

“Dr. Sauls is an AMAZING vet. Each time I take my fur baby in, she takes her time with the examination, never making you feel rushed, she is very thorough and gentle and explains each and every thing. You can tell her passion and love for animals is genuine. Love, love, love Dr. Sauls and her staff. Make sure to pet Heffner the “house cat” when you go!”
– Irene

“We were very pleased with the level of care and professionalism from all the staff here when we took our new kitten in for her first veterinary visit. From the nice young lady on the front desk and particuarly the technician Brittany and Dr Stewart everything went perfectly throughout the kitten’s examination. We would certainly refer anybody here and intend to use this Practice for our dog too when he’s due for his next checkup this Summer. Whenever you move to a new city you need to establish 2 or 3 critical professional medical relationships. We are so happy and relieved we’ve found an excellent Veterinary Staff to care for our pets, thank you East Cooper Animal Hospital.”
– Paul Wallace, Rachel Henry, Mt Pleasant

“Simply said … Lilly ( our yellow lab) is alive today because of the team at East Cooper Animal Hospital!!!”

“We are so impressed with Dr. Artise Stewart. Although it will be a “hike” for us, coming from Kiawah, we intend to move all of our records and come to see Dr. Stewart exclusively. She is thorough, pleasant, brilliant and genuinely seems to love animals. I can’t say enough about her!”
– Priscilla

“Awesome vet and staff. Sincere in their concern for your pet. Works hard to use the most effective treatments available. Won’t gouge you by selling you things you don’t need or aren’t necessarily going to work, while at the same time making sure your medicine is available and cost effective. I won’t go anywhere else.”
– Sherry

“Dr. Stewart and staff took the time to learn about my kittens needs and made sure that they were well looked over since we adopted them. Everything was explained in terms of their health now, where we needed to be in the following weeks, as well as long term care. Nice to have a place that your animals feel at home and the kittens purred while being examined.”
– Christy L

“Minnie continues to have recurring allergy issues and I am very thankful Dr. Sauls takes time to assess what has and has not worked over a long course of treatment for Minnie. I never feel rushed out of the office and she spends so much time explaining everything that I feel like Minnie is her only “patient”for the day.”
– Susan

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience at East Cooper Animal Hospital. Dr. Sauls was simply amazing and took the time to understand my dog, to conceptualize her problems, as well as weigh the numerous treatment options for her. I have been in search of a vet like her for the past 4 years. Words can’t describe how excited I am to have been recommended to her and to know that I have found someone who is just as invested in the happiness and well-being of my dog as I am. Highly recommend!!”